about me

Hey there! My name is Megan and it looks like you’ve made it to my blog!

I’m a junior at Auburn University, majoring in Media Studies with a Visual Media concentration and a minor in Spanish. I’ve grown up my whole life in the metro-Atlanta suburbs, and for now I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of the plains.

I’ve always had a lot to say. Whether it be something that I am going through personally, something on my mind, something I see, or experience, or hear of, I’ve always wanted to talk about it. I realized that writing my thoughts was an outlet I could channel my ideas into that could be shared with more than a friend or two.

I enjoy puppies (DOGE!!), queso, traveling, writing, videography, pretending I understand sports, and of course netflixing.

This blog is your mix or mundane things I’ve found the beauty in, my adventures, my hardships, my ideas, or anything else that is going on. My biggest hope is that someone can relate to me in any sort of way. And now I’ve embarked on the craziest journey of my life yet, studying abroad in Madrid! Stay posted!


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