Wait, I’ve been here a week?!

So, I’ve realized my posting has been less than stellar. I’m working on a in-depth post of my happenings and adventures, but I’ve discovered little to no free time here in Madrid. I’m usually out and about, with friends, in class, or on excursions. I’m so extremely in love with this city, but it is flying by so quickly.

Stay posted for a journal like entry of my daily encounters living in Madrid, coming soon/whenever I have a minute.

Meanwhile here are the highlights thus far:

-The block party in the middle of Madrid to celebrate Real Madrid winning La Liga

-Ice Bar

-El Parque Retiro

-Toledo (specifically the Cathedral!!!)

-Discovering Primark (insanely jealous of Europeans for this)
-and falling into a new housing situation with girls who are loving, encouraging, and bring out the best world traveler in me.

Last night, we embarked our way to Kaptial, and earlier, while eating our cena (dinner) we officially booked a weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland!!! I’m so in love with this city, and my meanwhile my Spanish is getting insanely better. This is the first time I’ve had a free minute, as everyone is still asleep in the afternoon on this calm Sunday. I’m going to take this time to write my post, catch up on sleep, and hopefully enjoy Madrid even more. For now, hasta luego!



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