It is okay to not be okay.

If you’re in college, and you believe you’ve got your life together and feel 100% about where you’re at in life, teach me your secrets. Between my friends and I, we’ve yet to find the solution. But I believe that’s what our twenties are for.

A year ago if you asked me if I had it together, for the most part I would’ve said yes. However, little did I know I would reach a point where I realized there were bigger and better things I wasn’t getting out of life yet. I thought I was in love with the man I would someday marry, I thought I knew who my friends were, I thought I knew what I needed to know. Now, a year later my life is far different, but all for the better. I removed myself from an extremely toxic and unhealthy relationship, I’ve kept the right friends who’ve been there for me since day 1, but I’ve also found great friendships by opening my world this year, and I’ve opened myself to new experiences. Better yet I learned its okay to not be okay, but its also so beyond important to take care of you.

In church a few weeks ago, we had a guest speaker who talked about your failures and struggles all leading you to the life you are suppose to lead. I think believing in this ideal is what gets us through tough times; we are only human after all. And while I’m still waiting for certain lessons to be taught to me, and to see the reasoning, I believe that all of our failures and struggles are those moments that truly shape us.

For the past year, I held onto incidents and baggage that mentally weighed me down until I admitted to people I trust that I needed their help and support. Admitting you are weak is the way you find happiness. I am far from where I want to be in 5 years, but I’m having a ton of fun between the messes getting there.

My very best friend who I rarely get to see considering the 4 hours in-between our two universities, called me today, in tears. If you’re reading this pal, I love you and you inspired me to write this. Reaching out and admitting that you aren’t okay and life is hard is the bravest thing someone can do. I don’t think we commend those who admit their weaknesses enough. Lets face it, we’re only 18-22 year olds, far from being the entire picture of what we want to be.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is okay to not be okay. It is okay to admit you are a mess, or you’re weak. People are stronger than they think, but we are far stronger when we have support of others. Life changes so fast, and you’re just along for the ride. So buckle up, find people to sit in the passenger seat, and know that someday it’ll all make sense.



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