A Love Letter to Concerts and Music Festivals:

Dear concerts and music festivals,

To the adventure, to the sleep deprivation, to the strangers that become friends, to the pure joy of hearing live music, thank you concerts and music festivals.

Since I was 7, I have made it my journey to go to a show at least once a year, and I have followed through. This year, I saw Ben Rector at a dog festival, I went to music midtown and in less than 2 weeks, I will see the 1975 at the Fox, among some small summer concerts downtown.

My heart is so full of music, and there’s something so special about hearing a song that is the soundtrack to your life raw and pure as you see your favorite singer in front of you. Standing in the pouring rain with your roommate in the middle of a festival, dancing around in ponchos and waving a go pro in the air that is downright exhilarating. Thank you for those memories.

As a college student, I feel pain of money that concerts are. But let me tell you, I save up and take up every opportunity to see live music. And while I dream of the day I can go to Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, for now I’ll take advantage of everything. I think that most people can agree that the experience of live music is far more worth than a new pair of shoes. So concerts and festivals, don’t ever change, except please get cheaper.

There’s a certain feeling in the air at a concert or festival, it’s the kind of atmosphere that takes any sort of divide and dissolves it. Right now, the divide in this country right now is so harsh, and regardless of your views we all agree on that. The real world is a mess, and its full of trouble right now. But something about a music event emulates a certain carefree element into the world and everyone forgets the issues. For a few hours, or a weekend, everything is okay. That’s what I find ever so beautiful about live music. Thank you live music for this unifying force that is so rare.

So save your money, scalp tickets, go to small concerts in your college town, dance with you friends, become friends with strangers. Fall in love with music, as it falls right back in love with you. And if you don’t like the idea of concerts, or don’t go often, I urge you to, because the music is what will save you. This is what I would tell anyone. But finally, thank you concerts and festivals for making me feel alive, and giving me a lifetime of memories.


the girl who spends all her money on concert tickets


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