Everyone Matters

Time and time again, we wake up to the news of another shooting, another death, and another tragedy. The desensitization of our American culture to mass murders and death has become routine. As a 19-year-old college student, this is the world I grew up in. A world of terror, a world where we say we are looking for change but continually these things just keep happening, and they keep happening more frequently. Whether it be international, one murder, a massacre, a terrorism attack, or a wrongful death, it feels like these are the headlines that make up our modern news.

This is why I am standing by #alllivesmatter. Go ahead, call me what you will, but at least hear me out. I see all sides of the issue. Yes, racism is alive and horrible, and it sickens me to see that, but its not just racism against African Americans, but Latinos, Muslims, Asians, and more. So yes, black lives matter. But so does every other race.

It goes farther than race. Discrimination against the LGBT community has become blatantly obvious with events like the Orlando Shooting. So yes, gay lives matter, too.

What about gender pay gap? Yes, I’m talking about the 21% wage gap recorded in 2015 for men and women with the same jobs. What about backhanded compliments simply because of one’s sex. Yes, female lives matter.

I have my own story to tell. And no it isn’t tragic but it’s a point to be made. My senior year of high school, I decided to get my first job at a restaurant. My coworker was an African American male, and one day he made comments that I was too much of a “silver-spoon bred, white little ditz” along with comments about being a “good-girl” who wasn’t capable of much. But you know what I did-I kept my mouth shut. I recognize I grew up in a nice neighborhood, and my father worked his whole life to be able to provide for us, and he works everyday and all night to make sure I can have the opportunities I do. I understand that the few stints of discrimination I have faced don’t match up with police brutality that some have faced in racism. My parents have always forced values of hard work and not being handed everything, I’ve always had to work for what I deserve, but does that mean I should get shamed because of what my family worked for, or the color of my skin? Saying all lives don’t matter is just as racist. Do not tell me to check my privilege, because the extortion of black lives matter by the media warps the thoughts that have progressed. I am well aware I grew up lucky, but that does not warp my view, as I well-read and know what hard work means. I simply don’t understand-WHY DON’T ALL LIVES MATTER?

As a media student, I am well aware of warping a story, and framing it for entertainment value. And that has become racism towards African Americans in modern society. I see racism everyday towards every color; I see discrimination based on sexual orientation, and gender discrimination. But see, these things don’t make headlines. I see that black on black crime is covered up simply because it doesn’t bring in viewership. It is statistically proven that more whites are killed by police than African Americas(1.5-1 ratio in 2015, according to the FBI), but is that in the media? Or the fact that by November of 2015, 414 whites were killed compared to 223 blacks by police in that year, according to the Washington Post? Nope. Do we see black on black crime covered in the media, or that it constitutes 90% of black murder (according to the FBI)? Nope. Do we see the issues that women face everyday? Nope. Do we see the struggles that a gay individual faces? Nope. We see the few rare, but terrible awful, cases that make one race pinned against another. It is not white vs. black. It is a few bad officers, in the wrong place and the wrong time. To generalize a few officers to all white people, that’s bigotry.

And the mere idea that members of #BLM movement is CONDEMING the death of 4 (5* updated) innocent officers who put their lives on the line to protect the city of Dallas, Texas makes me sick to my stomach. Several BLM members have reached out online and called this shooter a “martyr”, but EXCUSE ME WHAT? Blue lives matter too.

My heart aches for the families of the 4 (5* updated) officers who were killed last night in Dallas. These innocent men were trying to control a protest, with no violence or pressure, and they were shot and killed in the line of duty. My heart hurts so badly, and I just sit here and wonder when this madness. My heart aches for the family of Alton Sterling. We don’t know much about the story, but to assume things that aren’t true is childish. All we know, is Sterling was wrongfully carrying a gun on probation with a record, however we are only blaming the officer. I am not saying that all officers are good, there are bad police officers- we don’t know who was wrong in the Sterling case, but to assume it was all racism on the officer’s part is ignorant. To justify murder when nobody has all the fact on Sterling, or any situation, is down right IDIOTIC.

I recently read up on an article that claims #alllivesmatter as racist. This article claimed that blacks are facing hardship because 200 years of “enslavement” and “civil rights movements”. Your ancestors may have faced hardship, but did you? My ancestors were displaced from Ukraine, and were forcibly removed running from the Soviet takeover, and had to start all over in America, but do they use that as an excuse? My grandmother was just very young when she moved here, and faced a lot of discrimination for not speaking English, but does she use history as an excuse? No! Do we ignore the fact that until 1920 women weren’t allowed to vote? And until the 1970s women had to fight to even have a conversation on birth control and reproductive rights???? Everyone struggles, so to compare yourself with others is “woe is me”, and to focus on ancient history is silly. Insanity means to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results, so if we act like we are back in ancient history as an excuse, that constitutes as insanity.

Blacks are not the only ones facing problems currently. Are we going to ignore the 50 deaths of gay men in Florida?? I would consider homophobes to be a burning issue, but of course those of the black lives matter movement only see the one dimension.

God forbid anyone say anything except #blacklivesmatter. You’d be called dumb, ignorant, a racist. The hypocrisy makes me sick. Open your eyes.This is not an attack on BLM. I stand by BLM because I also stand by ALM.

Male lives latter. Female lives matter. Black lives matter. White lives matter. Latino lives matter. Gay lives matter. Straight lives matter. Muslim lives matter. Blue lives matter. ALL LIVES MATTER. Call me an ignorant, but if you chose to only focus on one community, I’m sorry to say that you’re the ignorant one.

Wake up, America. It’s time to respect the human race. Not just one community. There are so many pressing issues and the media’s extortion of discrimination only towards the black community is ruining that for all. Call me a bigot. Call me a dumb white girl. Go ahead, you’re only proving my point a bit further. Someone tell me what I’m missing because simply focusing only PART of the problem seems a bit hypocritical.


3 thoughts on “Everyone Matters

  1. Usually I would never read this but I had too. This is issue is sensitive to me and my peers. This is with this whole article
    Is a lack of understanding . Being black in America is so much harder than you could imagine. You don’t understand anything that the Black Lives Matters movement is trying to do if you think they support killing cops! Black Lives Matters mean that it’s time the people recognize that my life is important and should be recognized as such in the eyes of everyone’ which has not been the case since we were forcefully removed from our home country to the United States. You can support BLM while supporting cops. Nothing ever justify the murder of police or black people. The murders in L.A and flacon heights as well as the murder are horrible but there is a race issue in America that needs to be addressed that is long over due. Yes other communities experience racism and injustice but for my ancestors to build this country and still be walked all over is disgusting. People have died for justice and it’s when nothing has really changed. It surprises me the lack of understanding and it’s disappointing. Get to know the other side of the story before jumping to conclusion


    1. I appreciate your thoughts, however I believe you need to take a step back from your one sided views. My article focuses on all sides of the issues. I do believe black lives matter. I do believe there needs to be a change. My heart hurts for those who face racism, it truly does. I am a supporter of BLM, as I HAVE SEEN ALL SIDES OF THE ISSUE. But the fact that your heart only aches for black lives matter makes me sad, do you simply not care for other issue? Tell me, how is your life so hard? Please do. Stop just naming names, and telling me I have only looked at 1 side of the story. If you could throughly read my article first, you would see that I saw all sides of the story. I stand by BLM, if you had actually read my article. I do see racism as a TERRIBLE outrage, and that the senseless killings need to end. But I do not condemn focusing on part of the problem. If we keep sectioning ourselves into black, white, female. etc the divide will only worsen. Also, if you have payed any attention to social media, many BLM members are condemning the death, to me that is disgusting. I do not think ANY of these deaths were rightful, and to call me dumb in a sense is interesting, as you lacked in fully reading my article. Get to read my entire article before jumping to conclusion. Thanks.


      1. One more thing. My grandparents were forcefully removed from their home country, Ukraine. My great-grandmother was running from the Soviets when my grandmother was born in Germany, but she still faces sexism. So please use the argument about being “forcefully removed” and then having to fight for rights. My grandmother moved here, after being forcefully removed from Europe, didn’t know the language, was considered a DP (displaced person) and did whatever she did to help her family-but did she use that as an excuse?? Nope. So please, look at the fact that my ancestors were forcefully removed, but remember Alyssa, YOU ARE AMERICAN. I am American. We are all American. Be proud of that. Please don’t act like it was so terrible to be placed in the US.


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