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I am going to be taking a break from the soul-searching posts for this week; instead, I’m going to sharing what I think you should be adding to your iTunes or Spotify playlist this summer.


  1. Tiny Cities (ft. Beck)- Flume: This song has it all. From Beck to an epic drop, between soothing glossy music to deep bass, this song is so rich, combining Australian producer, Flume, and the incredible vocals of Beck, its not surprising that this song is downright incredible. (Skin, 2016)
  1. Electric Feel- MGMT :One of MGMTs biggest hits, and beloved my many, this one never gets old ESPECIALLY during the summer. The electro-funk, psychedelic pop and gorgeous vocals make me just love this song more and more every time I hear it. (Oracle Spectacular, 2007)
  1. Roll Up- Fitz & the Tantrums: Fitz is always a good idea, let’s be honest. However, they take their usual old, slower roots and gloss it up with this dance pop album.  (Fitz & the Tantrums, 2016)
  1. Cold Cold Man- Saint Motel: This is straight up some just good indie, pop-funk-rock, honestly who knows what it is.This song is just the right mix of synth pop and dance-a-long feel good, and that’s why it makes this list. (My Type- EP, 2014)
  1. My Body- Young the Giant: Taking it back to 2010, this is one of the best guilty pleasure songs that you can’t help but jam when it comes on. This song has power in the instrumentals, but also a sense of soft optimism..(self titled, 2010)
  1. Safe Inside (ft. Passion Pit): Classixx: The usual soft, feel good vocals of passion pit in an epic collab with duo, classixx. This indie, electronic combination makes for the perfect summer song of soft vocals and a solid beat behind it, making it catchy and fun . (Faraway Reach, 2016)
  1. Human- The Killers: I’ve been hooked lately to the Killers stuff. Humans though, have a lighter feel than most Killers song, but it’s a gorgeous song regardless. Love this song, love this band, take a listen. (Day and Age, 2008).
  1. Someday- The Strokes: The 2001 Strokes hit still feels good in the heat of a summer 15 years later. This is one of The Strokes more “pop” feeling songs, (This is It, 2001)
  1. XOXO- Cherub: I actually wrote a whole excerpt on why I chose “<3”over Doses & Mimosas for Cherub, but then I listened to XOXO again, and decided to stick this one in here. Excuse the language, but the song is unique. Cherub draws from the 80s in the influences, with the mix of modern dance music. (MoM & DaD, 2012)
  1. Girls Like You– Naked and Famous: The indie/electro band really closes out their album with this just marvelous song. It’s catchy, unique, and the production of this song is just so great it’s ridiculous. I have this song on repeat today, and so should you. (Passive Me, Aggressive You, 2010)
  1. Casual Party- Band of Horses: This indie, rock track pokes at the anxiety of talking at a social gathering. Unique, fun, and upbeat, simply a good song. (Why Are You OK, 2016)
  1. Limelight (ft. R O Z E S)- Just A Gent: All sorts of unrelated to the rest of the playlist, this electronic remix has some epic drops, between softness. (2014)
  1. Island in the Sun- Weezer: Please, don’t hate me for putting this song on here. This is a guilty pleasure song in terms of summer. Just go turn it on, and you’ll be swaying around agreeing with me real soon. (Weezer, Green Album 2001)
  1. Bad Habit- The Kooks: This alternative band brings some edge and certain coolness with songs like this. Smooth, enjoyable, and very much so a Kooks song. (Listen, 2014)
  1. Love Club- Lorde: Electro-pop, smooth and catch all at the same time. There isn’t much more you can ask from a good summer, chilling out song. (Pure Heroin, 2013)
  1. Control- Olympic Ayres: The lyrics here are very deep and inner self, but this indie-disco feel is catchy, and you’ll have this song stuck in your head for days. (Control, 2014)
  1. Never Be Like You (feat. Kai)- Flume: I promised no repeats, but this song is somewhat well known and I feel like it deserves a spot. Flume is absolutely killing it this year, and two spots says it all. (Skin, 2016)
  1. King (Gryffen Remix)- Years & Years: Fading away from the indie pop again, here is another electronic hit I’m obsessed with.

 19.  How to Be a Heartbreaker- Marina and The Diamonds:  Pumped up pop song, fun, and danceable.

20. Good Grief- Bastille

This song is too new to be on youtube yet, but go ahead and look it up because Bastille is back and my heart is so happy about it. I saw Bastille live in 2014 and was forever changed, and this song is no disappointment.

**edit here is the youtube for this song!**

Here’s the download to my iTunes playlist for this blog.





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