Top 20 Things I’ve Learned in My First Month of College

  1. The Library will be a second home
  2. Never take for granted a home cooked meal
  3. Never let your room get too messy
  4. Budgeting.Sucks.
  5. RAs will not let you get a pet in your dorm. Don’t try.
  6. Going to the gym is so very important
  7. Coffee is now, more than ever, life to the soul
  8. Don’t dress up for class
  9. Show up to class
  10. Realize that you’re always going to be tired and there never seems to be a time to catch up on sleep
  11. Bring costume-y clothes to college- you never know when you’ll need toga, rave outfit, or halloween costume
  12. Walk to class. Do not use university transportation
  13. You’ll have at least one professor you’re going to hate from day 1
  14. Having a dog at home was a blessing
  15. Try new things
  16. Laundry day sucks
  17. Writing becomes therapy
  18. A day without studying/homework is a blessing
  19. Worry less
  20. Realizing that you are in the best 4 years of your live and to live with no regrets.

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