College: The Land of the Free

As I sit here typing my blog, I’m eating the bagel I burned and the wonderful coffee my keurig brewed me this morning, and trying to sum up what I’ve learned in my first month of college.

Responsibility for myself.

Sounds cheesy, but you don’t realize how accountable you are to your mother to cook you dinner until you’re stuck deciding between blowing your dining plan on cafeteria food or warming up bagel bites to constitute a meal. Knowing that nobody cares if you show up to class, except your grades, or that your laundry will pile up larger and larger until you realize you’re out of tee shirts and norts for the week. College is hard- this are the things I was never warned of.

While I couldn’t be happier that I’ve found some new lifelong friends, joined a sorority, and now attend the same school as my boyfriend, I can’t help but miss the simple things that everyone took for granted in high school.

So while all this new found freedom leads to self discovery, college parties, new friends, and more, we can’t help but miss the old days (3 months ago) when we were still kids depending on our parents.


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