noun: strong desire to travel.
After 8 days of eating authentic pasta & pizza, getting lost in Paris, and admiring the absolute beauty of Europe, I have come to the conclusion that traveling the world is a necessary step in finding ourselves. Ever since I was 14 and unaware of traveling costs, I begged my parents to let me see parts of Europe before I left for college. I know it sounds silly, but to me it was a huge deal. Throughout high school I got to use “never been out of the country” in all those never have I ever games, and there were two reactions.  1. HOW??!! Seriously? Not even like Canada or Mexico or a cruise?!  or 2. Ah, that kinda sucks.
And let me tell you, it did kinda suck. I didn’t care about what I saw or who I saw it with, I wanted to be able to say I’ve seen the world. Something about that idea made me feel more educated and mature.
So finally, after I received my high school diploma I set off to Paris, Rome, & Florence with my grandmother. The one thing I can tell you for sure is I can’t wait to see even more.
What I loved about Europeans the most, especially Italians (or specifically Romans, because according to my taxi driver there was a huge difference), was their mannerism of simply loving life, loving those around you, loving food, and taking your time. Here, we rush into everthing from careers, to love, friendships, basically everything. Dolce far niente: the sweetness of doing nothing. The joy that we can take a step back for ourselves and our lives and that money and work and time isn’t the most important thing in life.
My life is consumed with thoughts and worries about the future. From as close as stress about what to wear to a going away dinner to what my career will be in 5 years. I’m always rushing into a job, into thoughts, into everything. I have a really difficult time thinking of just now, and thinking about just enjoying doing nothing on a Sunday afternoon. So this Sunday, amidst packing for college and catching up on Private Practice, I will try to start to indulge in dolce far niente.
I think we all could use a little bit of that.

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