Keep Calm & Carry On

Skip days. College decisions. Freedom. I thought this is what senior year would be.

Turns out it was MUCH more than that.

For me senior year has been growth. I think the pressure to decide what you want to be or do for the rest of your life while your 17 or 18 is tremendous. I’ve been through making new friends, losing long time friends, rejection letter, acceptances, and all the inbetewen. Let me tell you one thing that is a common misconception about senior year- it’s not easy.

Sure some people have it easy, get into the one school they applied to, go there, and they’re happy. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But it has been completely opposite for me.

Up to this year i had the dream of going to FSU’s Film School. But this past year I visited Auburn University once- and I fell head over heels in  love with those southern plains. After receiving a rejection email two weeks ago I though “this is fate, Auburn is home.”

*plot twist*

I got a call, and after some people dropped out, I got an interview. And I know I should have been happy-but my stress level and idea that I knew where I was going to college changed and I lost it. Yes- there I was, crying in the school hallway because I had a second chance. But the worst thing is when people tell you “you should be happy!” But the emotional roller coaster that is college admissions to shock to my system and beat me up emotionally. The dream I had when I was 16 was far from the one I have now. And that’s okay- you can change your mind.

Where you go to college is 100% your decision- you need to go where you are happy. I CANNOT stress this any more. You can’t let anyone’s opinion dictate your happiness. This is an any situation but especially for people in this situation. Yes, maybe you get into the fantastically smart school, but you feel more at home at another school than you do even in your own home. Whatever it is make your own choice. Determine your own fate. 

And while I could talk on and on about my specific college decision, I’ll save that for my official decision, which could be expected around April.

But I wish someone had given me the advice I’m hopefully giving someone now-be happy, feel home, and love your choice. Never ever settle just because of someone’s opinions. No it DOES NOT matter if its “kind of a better school” where you want to take the next four years of your life is purely your choice.

For me this has been therapy. For years I’ve been told where I have to go, where I’m expected. But it’s so so so true that you find your school when you’re on campus and you look around and you’re so incredibly happy. That’s home. And that’s what matters. I’m nearly 99.9% sure that I know my choice, and it hasn’t been easy.

So in conclusion, know that it isn’t easy but it’s your destiny to choose.


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