Coffee, Confetti, & Me

Coffee to me represents work, focus, and taking on the world.

Confetti is the celebrations we see, the beauty in everyday.

And me, my journey through it all.

Blogging amateur. That’s what I’ll call myself. You could say I’ve got a lot on my mind and that for any average 18 year old girl, I worry way too much. But I can’t help it.

My new solution- blog therapy.

I wanted a place to voice my stories, my opinions, my thoughts- and whether anybody reads this or not I hope to provide some form of entertainment.

I’ll post when I can, and maybe someone will read them, see my pictures, appreciate my posts.

Heres a little bit about me:

  • I’m a high school senior (I’ll be in college this august)
  • I’m a mix of your average white girl and your wise old soul.
  • I love everything from a trendy afternoon at coffee shops in the city to enoing at a river alongside country music.
  • I love pictures and video. I love to capture the moment.
  • I talk A LOT so typing seemed close enough.
  • Oh, and my name is Megan.

Stay tuned for my first post on what senior year is for me and the college admissions roller coaster.

For now, be fearless, be joyous, and be yourself.


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